2022 Cartersville Stake Trek

Pease watch this page. It will be updated regularly and will contain the latest information.

Arrival Times!

8:00 am: Calhoun, Rome & Etowah Valley ward 

8:20 am: Acworth and Butler creek 

8:40 am: Cedarcrest & Pickett’s Mill 



For all Youth ages 14-18 (or turning 14 in 2022).
Graduating Seniors are encouraged to participate.

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Check out the Trek FAQ page! It will be updated as often as needed with new information and questions that you might also have.

The Trail of Faith Award requirements can be found here! Be sure to download and print the form to submit upon completion.




6/8 | 8:00am : TREK!

5/26 | 8:00pm : Ma & Pa Final Training

5/1 | 12:00am : Registration Ends – Contact the Stake YM/YW Presidencies for exceptions

2/12 | 10:30am : Ma & Pa Training @ Acworth Building

4/16 | 3:00pm : Pre-Trek Youth Activity @ Cartersville Building

4/22-4/23 (overnight) : Ma & Pa Trek @ Fort Mountain


Drop-Off Information

June 8, 2022 @ 8:00 am

Wear your Pioneer clothes to the park! There are NO facilities available for changing.


Fort Mountain Horse Stables
548 Cliffmine Rd
Chatsworth, GA 30705

For the health and safety of the youth, leaders, and horses we have been asked to maintain a maximum speed of 2 mph on the dirt road and to generate NO DUST. Please be patient and help us be good guests of the stables. They have been extraordinarily helpful and accommodating.

Pick-Up Information

June 11, 2022 @ 12:00 pm

Pick-up is inside the park at the camping area near the lake.


Fort Mountain State Park
181 Fort Mountain Park Road
Chatsworth, GA 30705

Located 8 Miles East of Chatsworth via Highway 52


Click here to download a printable copy of these instructions.



Individual Equipment List

1 5 Gallon Bucket with Lid (screw on lids work best). Feel free to decorate for the journey.
All items, except for your sleeping bag, should fit in your bucket
1 warm sleeping bag (put inside plastic garbage bag)
1 warm jacket/hoodie
1 rain poncho
Visqueen or tarp (enough plastic to serve as a ground cloth and shelter from the rain)
2 old pair of worn in tennis shoes or boots (Shoes will work, but boots are ideal.)
3 pair of sturdy socks (hiking socks preferred)
3 pair inner socks (nylon preferred)
2 sets of underclothing
1 flashlight (Head light works best)
1 pair of leather work gloves
1 metal pie plate, 1 large spoon, 1 tin cup with carabiner
2 clothes pins
1 small hand towel, 1 dish cloth, handy wipes
Comb or brush
1 toothbrush / toothpaste
5 Band-Aids and prescribed medications only
An old set of scriptures and your favorite church magazine
2 heavy duty garbage bags
Insect repellent
Copy of medical insurance card

2 pairs of canvas, or cotton pants (no blue jeans or cargo pants)
2 long-sleeved shirts
1 wide-brimmed western style hat (no baseball or army hats allowed)
1 pair suspenders
Modest sleepwear
Hammock and/or tarp to use for shelter at night

2 mid-calf length, long-sleeved dresses or jumpers with long sleeve shirts
1 or 2 bonnets
1 pair bloomers (can be made out of old pajama bottoms or hospital pants)
2 aprons
One pair of capri length pants or knee length shorts
Modest sleepwear
Feminine hygiene supplies

Camera and film
A pocket knife
Harmonica or other small musical instrument (this does not include electronic items!)
Personal Journal


All conference participants are restricted to a 17-pound maximum weight of personal effects and items. This includes your sleeping bag. Since there is a limit to the amount of weight you will be allowed, all of your gear will be checked and verified at the trailhead. All items that should not be brought on the trek will be put in a plastic bag with your name and stored for pick-up after the trek is over.



Countdown to Youth Conference: 0 Days 9 Hours 44 Minutes 15 Seconds