From Cartersville to The World. Our New Missionaries.

This summer we are proud to be sending out a number of new missionaries from the Cartersville Stake. We are so proud of these Young Men and Young Women and will miss them as they head out to serve the Lord in their respective Missions. They are great examples of the outstanding, righteous youth that we have here in our Stake. The following have recently entered or will soon be entering the MTC…


Sister Emmy Moore
Barbados Bridgetown – French Speaking
Elder Jackson Van Der Werf
Chile Vina Del Mar
Elder Nathan Kime
Utah Logan
Elder David Torp
Washington Everett – Spanish Speaking

Sister Carrie Christensen
Sister Whitney Graham
California Irvine
Elder Noah Debroux
Elder Josh Plauche
Utah SLC South

Elder Zach Danneman
Elder Jacob Bristol
Elder Devin Plauche
Utah St. George – Spanish Speaking
Elder Houston Hunt
Utah Salt Lake City

If we have forgotten anyone who has left recently or is leaving soon, or if you can help us fill in Mission names in this list please let us know!